We always recommend purchasing travel insurance when travelling abroad so you are protected in the case of a medical emergency but also cancellations, delays, loss of baggage and other possible unexpected disruptions to your travel plans.


As a Joe Walsh Tours client, you have the option to purchase travel insurance as part of your trip.

If you have already travel insurance in place you might not need to purchase it as part of your tour, always check that you have appropriate cover for your trip (winter sports if you are going on a ski trip for instance).


The Travel Insurance policy sold as part of our tours includes specific COVID cover in relation to travel cancellation due to the illness, as well as treatment while abroad.

If you’d like to read in more detail all the information related to Travel Insurance cover as part of our tours, you can download the travel insurance handbook for departures from England, Scotland and Wales here: TRAVEL INSURANCE HANDBOOK. If you are departing from Northern Ireland, you can download the travel insurance handbook here: NI TRAVEL INSURANCE HANDBOOK.

In addition to purchasing Travel Insurance when travelling abroad, we also recommend you request your UK GHIC health insurance card or have a valid EHIC health insurance card.

If you have any questions in relation to travel insurance as part of your trip with JOE WALSH TOURS, contact our travel experts and they will be happy to answer all your questions.