Rome Jubilee Year

Rome Jubilee Year 2025: Pilgrims of Hope. Celebrate Holy Year in Rome and the Vatican City.

2025 will be a Holy Year in Rome and the Vatican and at Joe Walsh Tours we will be organising pilgrimage groups, helping pilgrims celebrate the Rome Jubilee Year, which carries the inspiring motto ‘Pilgrims of Hope’.

The Holy Door of Saint Peter’s Basilica will be opened by Pope Francis at the beginning of the Jubilee Year, on 24th December 2024, marking the beginning of the Holy Year and it will remain open for the duration of the Jubilee. This rite has been taking place for many centuries.

Pilgrims during Rome Jubilee Year 2025 will obtain a plenary indulgence and will be able to enter Saint Peter’s Basilica by the Holy Door, experiencing a deep pilgrimage to Rome at a very special time. A number of Jubilee celebrations and cultural events will take place in the Vatican and Rome throughout the year.

If you are a group leader looking to organise a pilgrimage to Italy to celebrate the Rome Jubilee Year 2025, talk to our travel team.

Contact our team to register your interest for 2025 pilgrimages to Rome and be informed as soon as they are announced.

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