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With his vigour to spread the Gospel, St. Paul spent most of his Christian life travelling over thousands of miles by land and sea, encountering endless difficulties. Most of these journeys were done in the lands of present day Turkey.

The ‘Old City’ where we visit the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome and more.

Birthplace of St. Paul. Cicero was a governor here in 51-50 BC, and the romantic meeting between Cleopatra and Mark Anthonius also took place here. Highlights here will be St. Paul’s well, the recently excavated ancient main street and Cleopatra’s Gate.

Seleucia Ad Pieria
Visit rock tombs and see the Tunnel of Titus, which is a tremendous water canal dug for the purpose of diverting the waters of Orontes River.

Derinkuyu Or Kamali
An underground city carved into soft rocks resembling a huge labyrinth of tunnels, kitchens, wine cellars and passageways. A huge chimney ventilates this 8-levelled dwelling, used by Christians to hide from their Roman and Byzantine persecutors.

See the “Fairy Chimneys”, jutting pieces of volcanic rocks that have been beaten and shaped by the wind and rain. See the Apple Church, the Serpent and Sandal Churches and the Church with a Buckle in Goreme.

St. Paul and Barnabas came here in 47 AD and their preaching was accompanied by many miracles. St. Paul made two more stops here on his second and third journeys.

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Local Information

  • Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
  • Local time: GMT +2 hours
  • Airports: Istanbul (IST); Izmir (ADB)
  • Flight duration: 4 hours approximately
  • Transfer time: 30 minutes
  • Languages: Turkish; many people speak English.
  • Climate: Temperate Mediterranean climate along the coast, the climate is Continental in the interior
  • Voltage: 230V A/C, sockets outlets and sockets Type C and Type F 2 pin type are used
  • Visa: Required for EU citizens and issued on arrival for most EU nationals; all passengers are advised to check with the relevant authorities
  • Passport: EU passport holders travelling to Turkey must have an up-to-date passport valid for travel six months beyond the date of return; non-EU citizens are advised to check with the relevant authorities