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Toledo is located in central Spain and within easy reach from Madrid. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical co-existence between Christians, Muslims and Jewish people which has led to its nickname, the "City of Three Cultures”. Remnants of this fascinating fusion of cultures can be witnessed in Toledo’s awe-inspiring historic centre that was granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. You many also hear the city being referred to as the "Imperial City" as it was the main venue of the court of Charles I.

Cathedral of Toledo
The Cathedral is one of only three 13th century Gothic Cathedrals in Spain and is thought to be one of the greatest Gothic features in Europe. It is the centrepiece of the city and has many spectacular features including two paintings by El Greco and the beautiful, detailed altar.

Synagogue of El Transito
This Synagogue was once a major place of worship for Jews until it was converted into a Church in 1492. It now houses an established museum of Jewish Culture in Spain and features some beautiful Jewish art.

Alcazar of Toledo
The Alcazar is located at the highest part of Toledo and looks down over the city. Once a Roman Palace it is the first example of architecture where it is built in the shape of a square with towers on each corner. It now houses the Castilla – La Mancha Regional Library and the Museum of the Army.

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Local Information

  • Currency: Euro (€, EUR)
  • Local time: GMT + 1 hour
  • Airports: Madrid (MAD)
  • Flight duration: 2 hours 15 minutes approximately
  • Languages: Spanish; many people speak English
  • Voltage: 230V A/C, sockets outlets and sockets Type C 2 pin and Type F 2 pin are used
  • Visa: not required for EU citizens; non-EU citizens are advised to check with the relevant authorities
  • Passport: EU passport holders travelling to Spain must have an up-to-date passport valid for travel three months beyond the date of return; non-EU citizens are advised to check with the relevant authorities