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Orebic is a quaint town and harbour that is home to Trstenica beach, one of the best in Dalmatia - wide, sandy and often not very crowded. The town enjoys a sub-tropical climate in which olive groves, palm trees, peach and orange trees grow. It has excellent sea views, including a magnificent view of Korcula island with is only 1.5km away.

Orebic developed as a shipping centre and was named after a family of renowned seafarers. The town is home to many elegant former merchant houses and gardens with beautiful courtyards leading down to the shore. Perhaps its most well-known landmark is the Franciscan church, The Church of our Lady of Angels, built in the 15 century. There are regular trips to the nearby island of Korcula and it is also perfect for a two-centre holiday in combination with Dubrovnik.

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Local Information

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Glass of Coca Cola: € 1 - € 2
  • Bottle of Beer: € 1.50 - € 3
  • Bottle of Wine: € 4 - € 6
  • 3 Course meal: € 7 - € 25
  • Time Difference is GMT: + 1 hours (Daylight savings +1 hour, March to October)
  • Airports: Dubrovnik
  • Flight duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Transfer time: 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Languages: Croatian. Many people speak English, German and Italian
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate with long dry summers
  • Voltage: 240V A/C, sockets outlets and sockets Type F 2 pin is widely used with Type C 2 pin sometimes seen in use
  • Vaccinations: Tetanus and Hepatitis A are recommended - please consult your GP.
  • Visa (Irish citizens): No
  • Passport: EU citizens travelling to Croatia must have an up-to-date passport valid for travel three months beyond the date of return
  • Vaccinations: Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Tick Borne Encephalitis are recommended - please consult your GP.
  • These prices are given as a guide only.

Grand Hotel Orebic

Country: Croatia

City/Area: Orebic

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