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What the Parents Say


Gerry Thornley - Parent, Rugby journalist with Irish Times
“It's more than just a summer camp or even a rugby camp. First and foremost is the approach to rugby and the emphasis on skills, (all in an ideal setting) but there's also a variety of activities which gives the boys an action packed experience in a disciplined and enjoyable environment. It's a chance for boys to make friends while the coaching staff are passionate about what they do and have a natural ability to relate to kids of this age, which makes them excellent role models. Both my sons attended one of them 3 times as have several of their friends.”

Chris Pim - Parent, former Leinster Captain
“Just a quick note to say all home safely and sound, thanks for a great few days, I was very impressed with the whole set up, you guys are doing a massive service not only to the game of rugby but to the development of the boys’ life skills and they have made friends for life, you and Dave should be very proud of what you have created as I am sure all the boys that I saw at camp will be better players and people for the experience they have had.”

Peter Clohessy - Parent, Munster and Irish Legend
“He’s training like a mad thing since he got back, can’t be a bad thing, he loved the camp but thought it was tough. Has been great for him and his rugby, first thing he said at the airport was that he wanted to go back next year. Brilliant.”

Philip Matthews - Parent, Captain of Ulster, Ireland and the Irish and British Lions
“The rugby and French camp was a fantastic experience coaches were great with plenty of individual attention. The other activities added greatly to the experience. He is mad keen to go back next year. Brilliant.”

Satisfied Parent
“… managed to get selected for the Leinster schools U16s squad this week (as did …, who was also on the camp), and although it was just ten days last summer I think you helped enormously in building his confidence, his enjoyment of the game, and his skills level. So thanks”.

Satisfied Parent
“Our son loved his time away and returned imbued with interest, great ideas and skills he hadn’t practised in Ireland. All in all a wonderful experience... lads need a lot of POSITIVE psychology – this was used in abundance... and needs to be reinforced here in Ireland with coaches at the various clubs. Unless lads are encouraged, praised – whether they win or lose, and told that they are brilliant and CAN DO IT they will lose interest and drop it as they head toward Leaving Cert. Anyway, the French idea is brilliant ... we need more of it.”

Satisfied Parent
“... returned from the last camp a happy, confident, independent boy. We had sent him hoping he would become more confident and learn a little french and rugby. The course surpassed our hopes. It was excellent – apart from coming home very self-confident and independent – he also learnt a huge amount of rugby skills and drills and even his french improved. I could not speak highly enough of the course and the positive effects of it on him. He has lost some of his shyness which is marvellous. He enjoyed all aspects of the course. Most of all he adored the rugby but also the many other activities organised.”

Satisfied Parent
“He was very impressed with the training and encouragement he received from all the crew. Anytime we spoke to him during the 10 days the words that were repeated time and again were Brilliant, Super, Fantastic, Excellent, Class!!!. This applied to both the rugby and non-rugby activities. I will be recommending your trip to all and sundry with any interest in rugby”.

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