Meet Bibi Baskin!

In conjunction with the launch of our Wellness Holidays, we are delighted to be working with the inspirational Bibi Baskin. Bibi began her career as a teacher but later moved to broadcasting and journalism. As her success on the TV screen grew, she was tipped as the predecessor to Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show. She even had her own show, called ‘Bibi’. As her career grew in Ireland, Bibi wanted a taste of the big cities - leaving the Emerald Isle, she went on to work in London and New York as a broadcaster, only returning to Ireland for brief periods of time. Her sense of adventure and independence eventually led her to India, where she holidayed for some time. This experience was cemented in her - she fell in love with India, so much so that she spent 12 years there! Bibi then turned to the hotel industry, running the Heritage Hotel of India. This is where Bibi cut her teeth in the travel industry. She left India in search of change, and has settled in West Cork (for now!) Bibi is an engaging and driven woman and her life experience is truly inspiring.

We are so excited that Bibi is partnering with us, using her worldly knowledge and experience in the travel industry to offer her skills in our Wellness Holiday section. We have worked with Bibi to curate a selection of spiritual and rejuvenating tours. With a choice of Austria, Slovakia and even Bibi’s beloved India, there is something for every type and budget.

Posted 05/03/2018